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Hackfest - Canada

It all started last year, when I went to my first convention ever. Met talented people willing to share their knowledge. It's unbeleivable how easily the rock stars where aprocahable. The idea was to get to know hoe attackers might think and start coding accordingly. I will be going again in November of 2018, can't wait to meet old+new freinds !!
This time, the plan is to cover all of the expenses with bug bounty money ! HA !

About me

I am a junior web developper delving into InfoSec.
I plan to share my findings and observations as I get comfortable with my new white hat.

In my opinion the best defense is a good offense.
What better way to learn the ropes then hack youself !?

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.


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